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How to Take Care of A Newborn Kitten Without The Mother Cat

Taking care of a newborn kitten without a mother is a very challenging. And, it is a full time responsibility. Usually, kittens get nursing from their mother up to 6+ weeks. If due to some reason such as mother cat’s death or if mother cat rejects her litter. In that case, human should take charge of little one and should know complete knowledge that how to take care of a newborn kitten without a mother cat.

What to Feed a newborn kitten?

Mother cat’s milk is an ideal food for a newborn kitten. But, for orphan kittens, you should arrange milk replacer which if best substitute of mother’s feed, and it is produced specially as per kitten’s notorious needs. Don’t try kinds of milk such as cow’s or goat’s milk naturally. It will cause gas trouble in the little one. If you can’t find any best kitten’s drink in your area. Or, if you are looking for what to feed a newborn kitten in the case of emergency? You can try cow’s milk with adding plenty of water to make it work. Keep in mind; it isn’t healthy and permanent solution. A kitten needs to depend on milk for 4-6 weeks. After 4-6 weeks, kittens can start dry kitten food. Before that, don’t give any dry or canned food.

How to feed a newborn kitten?

The Newborn kittens are like the blank page; you are going to develop their habits. For your information, in the 2nd week, they hardly open their eyes. Arrange a zero-sized kitten feeder bottle. Manage the tiny hole in nipple so only enough quantity of milk drop can go into baby’s mouth. With the passage of time size of the hole can be increased too.

When to feed the kittens?

Kittens take less each time, so they feel hunger in every 2-3 hours. So, ideally feeding them in every 3 hours would be a very good idea. Set timing around the clock such as day and night and schedule maximum distance of 2-3 hours in two doses such as 1:00 AM, 3:00 AM, 6:00 AM, and 9:00 AM so on.

Ideal environment for newborn kittens

This soft creature can’t resist extreme weather such as environment shouldn’t be either too cold nor too hot. In hot weather, kittens can survive at room temperature, but in cold weather, they must need proper care.

With mother cat, they get required warmth quickly but taking care of a newborn without a mother isn’t easy. You can manage it by using the hot water bottle, wrapped in a towel so it can give warmth but don’t burn the skin of tiny kitten. Change the water occasionally so kitty’s bed can stay warm all the time. Control the room temperature (if possible). Don’t let go kitten out in direct hot or cold weather.

How to clean a newborn kitten?

If you have rescued the little one and found fleas on it, Don’t try any chemical/medicines at all. You can remove all the fleas manually. Or dip a towel in hot water and clean the baby with a towel.

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Furthermore, kittens under three weeks, can’t clean themselves. Such as; they can potty or pee anytime, anywhere. A big box, with a towel layer, is recommended, so you can change the sheet 3-4 times a day (it can be washable easily). Usually, mother cat takes care of kittens in this period and clean them by licking the potty area after each time; they make dirt. Human simulation of this action can be; using wet tissues, baby wipes or moistened towel to clean them softly.

You can start kittens training for using the litter box by fourth or fifth week.

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