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Why Should You Feed Multiple Cat Foods to Your Cats?

What are you feeding to your cat? Is it same food every day? Do you think feeding a cat same food everyday will be fine? And do you really think that one cat food can fulfill all the nutritional requirements of your cat ?

We suggest that cats must be fed multiple cat foods from different brands and here is why we think so.

Pros & Cons of Same Cat Food vs. Multiple Foods

Suppose, being human if you are eating same food every day, how would you feel? You might lose interest in food? It might increase behavioral problems in your nature. Humans are much patient than cats. Cats are free-spirits. Cats are moody than dogs or even human.

Adding some spices into cats’ regular food will encourage them to eat well.

Introducing varieties of tastes to your cat is necessity so if someday her favorite cat food go out of stock, she can have something to eat.

Each brand has different cat food formula to produce specific cat food. Sticking with only one brand can become a serious cause of lacking some essential nutrients for your kitty.

How to change feeding plan of your Cat?

Usually, cats don’t like change. If you will change their food, they might refuse to eat. Also, such instant change can lead them to various serious health problems. Plan for 10-12 days. Add 5%-10% of new food into her regular food. Gradually introducing her with new brands will be helpful.

When to feed?

How to schedule mealtime for cats in multi-cats’ home. Scheduling kitties’ mealtime three to four times a day will make them punctual. Also, it will be easy for you to monitor their eating habits. Specially, if you are having more than one cats at home. Leaving food for all the day might make your life easy as you wouldn’t need to be worried that your cat will be hungry. But, other hand, what if one of your cat isn’t eating that food or anyone cat is eating more than she required? Each cat should eat per her weight and activity level. Young kitties play more, stay active more so they need more food.

Furthermore, there are shy cats who eat only when nobody is around. So, placing different meal-stations for cats and schedule feeding with great announcement can help all of them to intake well.

Persian cat food list in Pakistan

The most famous breed of cats is “Persian cats” in Pakistan. There are number of cats’ lovers in big cities such as Lahore & Karachi where travelling isn’t easy on busy roads. Having a pet shop near about is a great blessing. We have enlisted all the famous cat food brands in Pakistan which are also available on So, it will be equally helpful if you are searching Persian cat food in Pakistan.

Top of the list is Farmina cat food in Pakistan which is affordable for everyone and easily acceptable by all Persian cats. Farmina has a special cat food, Cimiao Persian, which is specially designed for persian cats.

Easily available Cat food brands in Pakistan are as follows:

  1. Farmina Cat Food
  2. NutraGold Indoor Adult Cat Food
  3. MeowMix Cat Food
  4. Mera Cat Food
  5. Purina Friskies for Cats
  6. Whiskas Dry & Wet Cat Food
  7. Me-o Cat Food
  8. Smartheart Cat Food

Final Words:

If your cat is Me-O lover, and rejecting any other brand’s food. You can buy smallest packages of all the other available brands. Each day add up 5%-10% spice of new brand in her regular food. Gradually, introduce new formulas to – its food bowl. Two weeks of struggle will bring big change in your kitty. And you will also see a positive change in its behavior and health.

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