10 Ways To Stop Your Cat From Peeing Everywhere

We are going to share top 10 ways to stop your cat from peeing everywhere at home. We understand this is the biggest headache for cats’ owners. There are many people; who love to pet a cat, but they love their carpets and beds too. Each cat deserves a friendly human family and a nice home. So, there is need to educate cats people that how to deal with cats peeing everywhere problem.

#1- Behavioural problems – Every action has a reaction

Sometimes, there are behavioral problems in cats that must be fixed ASAP. Let say; you’ve scolded your cat for any reason and the very next minute he/she has peed somewhere on the bed, on carpet or any other unwanted place. A possible reason can be stress or reaction of your anger.

Solution: Stay calm with your cat and talk in a friendly manner. Keep in mind; cats have their feelings love and anger alike you. If ever a cat make you mad at her/him, and you went out of control and started shouting unintentionally. You should fix it soon by taking her/him in lap and explaining the situation. You would have a better idea, how to relax your cat? This tip will help to stop your cat urinating out of litter box.

#2 – How many litter boxes do you have at your home?

There should be one extra litter box for each cat. If you have fewer litter boxes than required, it might make your any cat peeing outside of litter box.

Solution: How many toilets do you have at your home? We’re sure not only one, so how can you have only one litter box for your cat? Moreover, suppose if you have double storey home, how difficult it would be for your cat to run down in the case of emergency?

#3 – What type of litter box you have at your home?

Alright, you love cats and pet a cat, but you can’t compromise with your home decoration, hmm? Enclosed litter box might suit your decoration but does your cat like it? Enclosed litter boxes for cats can be dark, smelly and hard to get in for your cat so maybe he/she isn’t feeling comfortable there.

Solution: Try different litter boxes to check which one is more comfortable for your cat. Each cat has different needs.  Some cats like enclosed litter boxes, while other like open litter boxes with high walls. Old age cats can’t jump high; they would prefer open litter boxes with short height walls; so, they can go in and out quickly without jump.

#4 – What type of cats’ litter you are using?

There are different types of cats’ litter by different brands/companies available in the market. For many cats, perfumed litter is a superb choice. But if you adopted an adult cat case can be different.

Solution: You should examine his/her standard such as switching up within different types of litter will give you a better idea.

#5 – Keep your litter box clean

Will you step barefooted into a dirty toilet? How does your cat love? You should clean cat’s litter box regularly.

Solution: Having a strict check on litter box would be helpful. And, keeping more litter boxes here and there wouldn’t be a bad idea so in case one litter box is dirty, your cat can go to next nearby litter box.

#6- Where have you placed litter boxes?

You might have put different litter boxes on your desired places. Still, your cat is peeing everywhere at home?

Solution: Make sure, all the litter boxes are in reach of your cat. Check, where your cat peed last time, put one litter box there, so you can train your cat to use the litter box again. Once, you succeeded, you can place it back on your desired area.

#7- Clean the mess, fix accidents

Due to any reason, your cat peed on the bed, carpet or any other unwanted place. Now, he/she is peeing there regularly.

Solution: Clean the mess properly as soon as possible. Urine smell attracts your cat to pee back there. So, pee smell isn’t just unhealthy for you but also for your cat.

#8 – Shy cats’ problems

Maybe, you have a shy cat. Such cats don’t like to pee in front of other cats or human. Shy cats can pee on any hidden place. Such as, under the bed, etc.

Solution: For such cats, place litter boxes on different hidden places. Enclosed litter boxes can help too.

#9- Cats want security

You might have bought very expensive and beautiful litter box for your cat. But, Lazy dirty cat is peeing outside of litter box.

Solution: Make sure your cat isn’t feeling insecure in a new litter box. If a cat is feeling that it isn’t safe and can be broke. Or, litter box might not be able to carry his/her weight. Ensure your cat’s security, and he/she will start using the litter box.

#10 – Visit a vet for Medical check-up

There can be some medical issue such as bladder or kidney problems can increase urinating in cats.
Solution: Plan your visit to vet for a proper medical check-up of your cat. If everything is fine medically, you should figure out the behavioral issues and go for a quick fix.

Final Words:

Cats are the most innocent creature in this world. They usually don’t do something wrong intentionally but if they do something which makes you mad at them. Before, scolding them, try to figure out the reason and fix that. So, you can have an ideal love relationship with your cat.

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