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How To Choose Best Food Bowl For Your Cat

Your kitty’s health isn’t only depending on a healthy diet. We all mostly talk about best cat foods because we want to ensure our pet’s health. Picking best pet food bowls are as important as choosing a best quality food or fresh water. A perfect pet bowl will not only prevent bacteria breeding but will also be helpful for maintaining digestion system properly.

Cat Food Bowl

Most of pet owners think choosing a perfect pet food bowl is difficult only because of available variety of colors, patterns and styles of bowls in the market. Think out of box to ensure your cat is healthy and happy about what and how you feed your kitty. Let’s disclose other important considerations for choosing best bowl for your feline friend.

How to choose cat food bowls? Important considerations.

Finding safest cat food bowls is way more important than bowl shape, pattern or size. Here are few essential points to be considered.

#1- Material

Material of the bowl is one of the most important factor to affect your cat’s health. Recommended safe materials for cat food bowls are:



Glass is one of the most recommended material as is it non-toxic and non-porous for animals. Additionally, glass doesn’t react with any liquids such as acids etc. as it is made of sodium carbonate, calcium oxide and silica.

  • Glass is very stable
  • It can be sterilized
  • It is dishwasher-safe


Accidents can happen and glass bowl can be broken into sharp pieces which can be harmful for your pet. Also, each time replacement can cost you high plus your cat’s medical bills.

Stainless Steel / Metal


Stainless steel is also a recommended material for cat food & water bowls as it is made of nickel, molybdenum, iron and chromium which is safe for pets. Again, it doesn’t react with cat foods or liquids like plastic cat food bowls or ceramic kitty food bowls containing lead paint. Very strong and can be sterilized too. And, the good thing; it comes in a good variety of sizes, depths and widths so you can choose which suits your cat best. Sturdy, dishwasher safe, affordable, long lasting, fine for high heat even for boiling water.


No attractive playful shapes or colors variety available like plastic or ceramic bowls. Can make loud noise at home if fallen accidently.


Ceramic should be 3rd preference as if you don’t find any good cat bowl in glass and stainless steel material or don’t want to buy in above mentioned two materials for any reason, then go for ceramics.


Dishwasher safe, easy to clean. Available in many attractive and artistic styles. Fine for high heat.


All the ceramics aren’t food safe, so check labelling before taking buying decision of ceramics bowls for cats. Some ceramics can contain cadmium and lead which both are very toxic and not food safe at all.

Furthermore, ceramic bowls can accidentally shatter or can have micro-cracks which can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. And, if you have bit aggressive kind of pet, who tries to chew the bowl may result breaking ceramic bowl with a big mess plus sharp shards can harm the pet.



Plastic pet food bowls are easy to wash and very durable. You can find a widest variety of colorful plastic pet food bowls in different playful shapes and patterns. Most attractively plastic cat food bowls will look way cheaper than glass, stainless steel or ceramic pet food bowls comparatively. And, the durability level is so high that if accidently fallen down still plastic bowls won’t break into hundreds of pieces like glass or ceramic bowls. If your pet has habit of chewing cat food bowl, still it won’t get so many cracks but only a few small pieces will get off.


Believe or not, plastic bowls can cost you and your cat higher with the passage of time.
Plastic can get scratches from cats very easily which harbors bacteria and germs. Even properly washing plastic pet food bowls won’t help in many cases.

Plastic contains BPA and Bisphenal A. BPA is a dangerous hormone which can cause chromosomal, cancer and reproductive system disorders. BPA also affects neurological function and brain too. Diabetes, cardiovascular system damage and obesity are also in the list. In short, there is a long list of health issues which can arise due to BPA reaction.

Plastic is the most dangerous material for cat food bowls which should be avoided.

Some plastic manufacturers use Phthalates to make it more resilient and flexible. These chemicals are well known cause of cancer and are one of the top 10 most toxic chemicals.

If your pet loves to chew cat food bowl occasionally, the regular amount of plastic can cause blockage.

Lead is also a toxic chemical which is frequently used in plastic. Plastic cat food bowls might contain less harmful levels of lead to pass the test of food-safe. But, no matter if plastic pet bowls come with FDA food safe certification, still avoiding them to buy would be a wise decision to lessen the health risk factor.

Finally, some feline friends are allergic to plastic bowls or can have sensitive skin. Use of plastic bowls can cause skin allergies (to such sensitive pets only).  If you notice red mouth or nose, crusty or irritated like acne or sore on your kitty’s face.

Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian as it  can because of irritation to plastic. Else, changing the bowl will resolve the issue.

#2- Size

Larger the better. Or at least bowl should hold 1 time meal portion such as 1-2 normal cups of quantity food.

#3- Type

Shallow sided & wide bowls and dishes are good to buy as some cats are very sensitive about their whiskers. A bowl having a small size of diameter, might not leave enough space for keeping cat’s whiskers free. And, cats can feel irritation cause of whiskers getting rubbed by sides while they are trying to eat or drink. In short, shallow and wide bowls are dishes are recommended for cats feeding so kitties can eat and drink happily and comfortably.

#4- Color

Color of bowl isn’t important at all, you can choose any of your preferred color.

#5- Shape

Avoid straight-sided bowls to prevent accidental mess, rest any shape type of bowls will be fine for cats.

#6- Style

Preferably separate bowls are recommended than double bowls. Usually, cats discourage their food next to water. But, double bowls can be used for those cats who eat dry and wet foods so the both bowls will be used for foods and not for water + food.
Final words:

Choosing a good cat food bowl is really important to keep your cat happy and healthy. Moreover, as cats are clean-nature so they reject dirty or messy full of odor bowls. Keep their bowls clean, scratches free, and change occasionally if possible specially in case of plastic bowls. Also, non-slip kind of bowls can be good choice for preventing accidents.

Hopefully, this detailed guide on how to choose pet food bowls will help you to take buying decision on your next bowl.

Happy kitty eatings!

Cat food bowls

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