Top 5 Types Of Cats In Pakistan

There is a wide variety of cats available throughout the country but we will be discussing only top 5 types of cats in Pakistan. Cats and dogs considered man’s best friend and are more loyal than any human friend. Petting a cat is way easier than having a dog at home as cats are more affectionate, very independent and fluffy. Furthermore, cats required less attention and involvement but always ready for cuddles. While looking for types of cats in Pakistan, you can choose any as per your personality and daily routines such as quiet introvert or a friendly attention seeker lap cat.

Persian and Khao Manee Thai cats are very human-friendly.

Did you know that there are various health benefits of keeping cat/kitten at home?

Following are the top health benefits of owning any cat from available types of cats in Pakistan:

  • Reduces of anxiety and stress
  • Decreases risk of asthma and allergies and boost immunity.
  • Maintains blood pressure level
  • Lowers risk of heart attacks and other heart diseases
  • Increases Intelligence, sensitivity, and ability to socialize
  • Reduces the feelings of loneliness by providing companionship
  • Decreases risks of having strokes

And, there are many other benefits of having a cat at home. In short, the decision of owning a cat is good for mental health as well as physical health.

Common Breeds OR Types Of Cats In Pakistan

Many of us are well aware of common benefits of having the cat at home and few might have their psychiatrist’s recommendation to own a cat.

The question comes which cat breed will suit you and your family with or without kids?

There can be following factors to be considered before choosing cats types in Pakistan

As in a family, there can be babies, oldies, other pets and plants too. Home can be small or big. Financial status can be good or not so good.

Usually, all the cats are very caring about human babies but it would be better to avoid wild cats and choose friendly nature harmless cats such as Persian and Khao Manee Thai cats are very human-friendly.

About all cats can be fine to keep at home where oldies live too as due to companionship nature, cats can accept human’s friendship offer easily.

All the types of cats in Pakistan can be fine to live in a home where already other pets are living but it really depends on how you introduce all of them to each other. Birds are common prey for cats but even birds and cats can become best friends if you can introduce them properly.

The small or big area doesn’t matter usually, you can keep a cat indoor even in a very tiny room but it might require a hell of hard work if you bought an old-age cat. While there is the totally different case if you bring a kitten as you can develop a kitten’s personality as you desire.

1- Persian Cats

Persian Cats in Pakistan

One of the best types of cats in Pakistan is Persian cat to keep at home. If you are looking for a sweet, quiet but extremely beautiful cat, then Persian cat is the end of your search. Keep in mind that loud environments aren’t Persian cat thing so if you have a little home at the edge of a busy road or near-about airport, then Persian cat isn’t recommended for you.

Keep in mind that loud environments aren’t Persian cat thing.

Persian cats are considered ornament to any family/home with large expressive eyes and soft musical pleasant voice. This is the only cat who doesn’t like to climb up on curtains or jumping on your fridge/refrigerator or having occasional trips in kitchen or jumps of counters there etc. Persian cats are perfectly fine on defined area for them or on allowed accessible lowered furniture.

The sweetest thing about Persian cats is that when you are busy here and there, she can sit on sofa, chair or on a bed and can wait for you to be free to get back to her. She will never demand admires or attention but will wait and will be happy if you would spare some time for her. She usually enjoys sitting in your lap and loves hair comb by any human but especially by kids. These type of cats reserve their love and attention for only family members and few of frequently visiting guests who they trust and feel comfortable with.

Persian cats can eat any cat food specifically designed for indoor cats. They don’t like meat, milk or human foods.

Pure white long hair triple coated is the most popular and expensive Persian cat among types of cats in Pakistan.

Note: They have long fur which can be shredded here and there, so if you have any family member with allergies from fur or frequent visiting guest who is allergic from fur or if you are super lazy to clean home regularly to remove the fur from carpet or bed. Avoid petting Persian cat.

2- Khao Manee – Diamond Eye Cat

 Khao Manee Thai Cats - Diamond Eye Cat

Khao Manee cats are originated from Thailand and the best meaning of this breed name is “White Gem”. Khao Manee Thai cats are also known as “Diamond Eyes” in various parts around the world. Usually, they have blue, gold or odd eyes (means one blue and other gold). Khao Manee cats with odd eyes are precious, preferable and most popular. You can recognize these smart, communicative and active cats by their cute extra-attractive eyes and beautiful white snowy fur with pink lips, nose and paw pads.

They love cuddles in your lap, like to sleep with human buddy and meow so loud to get desired stuff.

This human-friendly breed is ideal for any home.

3- Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cats

Alike Persian cats, Maine Coons have a lifespan up to 9 to 15 years. This is also a human-friendly cat and loves to be with people. This isn’t typically a lap-cat so it is a bit hard to convert her into lap cat but Maine Coons have the habit to follow you everywhere and loves to stay near about you all the time. They like to receive love and attention but can wait patiently if you are busy.

Maine Coons are considered big cats and they have smooth rugged, shaddy fur coat. Usually, Maine Coons have large expressive eyes in gold, green, copper or greenish-gold colors while Bi-colored or white Maine Coon Cats can have odd or blue eyes.

They have the shorter fur coat on shoulders while longer heavy fur coat on britches and stomach with a beautiful furry tail.

Commonly, this breed comes in the brown tabby pattern. Many people might be unaware that Maine Coons can have other attractive patterns and colors too. The surprising fact about Maine Coons is that they can be found in solid red, black and white colors too and as bi-color; red & white or blue & white and patterns like calico and tortoiseshell.

Laidback, human-friendly Maine Coon is best cat breed for a family with kids. As a Maine Coon loves human attention which she/he can receive easily from children as kids are more polite, loving and caring than busy adults. Maine Coon doesn’t mind even dress-up games.

4- Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats in Pakistan

Siamese cats are considered opinionated and very talkative cats. They have very raspy and loud voice to gain your attention to tell you what they desire or expecting you to do for them. A Siamese cat breed is one of the most loving cats to their owners. The love to follow you around, be helpful for you, and will pay full attention to your directions such as sitting down, standing up, walking whatever you want her to do. A best lap cat and love to share you bed at night.

Don’t bring a Siamese at home if you are a busy person and couldn’t spare time for your kitty. Other hand, if you want a very talkative best friend to talk all the time, A Siamese is the end of your search. This social cat demands your time and good mood to play with her.

Leaving a Siamese all alone for long hours isn’t recommended and if you have to go work and nobody would be staying at home for playing with Siamese then better to keep 2 Siamese cats so they can give good company to each other in your absence.

5- Bengal Cats

Bengal cat is one of very common among types of cats in Pakistan. If we talk about the price of a Bengal cat in western countries; in 1990, a British woman bought her Bengal cat for $50,000. This cat breed is still in most expensive cats’ list but not in Pakistan. In Pakistan, usually, it considered street cat and can be adapted easily.

The Bengal cats are considered highly smart, intelligent and active. This is funny, talkative, confident and human-friendly but always alert cats’ breed. They are really playful and love all types of game to stay busy but a bored Bengal can opt destructive self-created games such as climbing up on forbidden areas, turning lights and switches On/Off, scratching the furniture.

You shouldn’t bring Bengal cat if you have pond and aquarium fish or any other small pets such as small rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Even small birds are also natural prey for these cats.

The Bengal cats can live happily indoor as well as outdoor. If you have a small home, better to let them be outdoor cats else they can make the mess at your home due to their naughty playful habits. It is famous about such cats that if ever your indoor Bengal gets lost somewhere at home; check her on highest points as she can often be found perching there in the home. A Bengal can be converted into lap cat very easily and this human-friendly breed loves to share your bed.

Final Words

Keeping a cat at home is really beneficial for people from all ages. Your own personality matters a lot for choosing one of best types of cats in Pakistan. Such as;

If you are fighting with an extreme level of anxiety and stress or feeling so lonely most of the times, a talkative Siamese cat will be highly recommended for you. if you are with a low budget for keeping a cat, a Bengal cat in Pakistan from the street would be a good choice. As that way, you can save buying cost + usually a street cat can eat anything such as meat, milk and even bread so you wouldn’t need to buy expensive cat foods if you can’t afford.

If you want quiet, beautiful but less active long hair kids-friendly cat, Persian breed would be the best choice. Persian cats will never bother you by anyway. Want long hair kids-friendly but bit active cat to follow you everywhere, go for a Maine Coon cat.

Want a beautiful active cat with short hair? Getting a Khao Manee with odd eyes would be a great idea.

In short, you can get one of the various types of cats in Pakistan as per your own personality and environment at home. Some cat breeds need regular grooming so being busy human, better to not pet such cats as you wouldn’t have enough time for fulfilling their grooming requirements.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Types Of Cats In Pakistan

  1. Abida says:

    You are very opinionated about the Siamese cat. I think they are way more friendlier than Persian cats. They are definitely not loud and they don’t require attention all the time. I have experience with both Persian and Siamese cats. I had two Siamese and six Persian cats in different time periods. Persian cats demand attention especially when it comes to their grooming. Persian’s are very choosy with their lifestyle, the people around them and with their food. Siamese on the hand are very cooperative and loving. You can keep a Siamese cat at home without keeping another cat. You do know that you are talking about a cat not a human being? They don’t talk.
    People in Pakistan actually don’t understand that keeping a Persian cat is not about showing to the world that they have a “cat” and especially keeping white Persian cat complex. They are not that easy to be taken care of the much you have said.

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