Man Arrested in Karachi Selling Painted Stray Dogs

A man living in Khamosh Colony, Karachi has been arrested for selling painted stray dogs. Police arrested Sagheer (barber) on a complaint received from a buyer that Sagheer has sold him two painted stray dogs at cost of 50,000/- PKR each to look like expensive breeds. Paint came off as soon as dogs get a bath after reaching to customer’s home.

Sagheer along his brother in law and few other companions was involved in this business where they were catching stray dogs from streets, painting them to look like expensive dogs’ breeds and selling dogs by advertising online.

Sagheer along his companions had defrauded many dog lovers by this way, as he confessed.

Riazuddin (the complainant), stated that he found online advertisement along pictures on a classified website. He decided to buy them and paid 100,000 for two dogs who were looking like expensive dog breed in photos but weren’t in real. As paint washed when customer gave bath to the dogs.

The North Nazimabad police as fulfilled the responsibility by arresting Sagheer for selling fake breeds at high prices after receiving complaint from Riazuddin.

The police stated that they found four fake German Shepherds from Sagheer home.
Those were stray dogs and can be found easily in streets, were painted to look like such expensive breed dogs.

During police interrogation, Sagheer made confession that he along his companions painted the dogs, posted online advertisements along dog’s pictures, and finally delivered dogs at customers’ door step. The defrauded many customers by selling painted dogs to receive heavy amount.

Police arrested him under Section 420 (Fraud), a bailable offense and can be released easily on bail.

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