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How To Train A Cat to Walk On Leash?

Teaching your cat to walk on leash is very important. Cats consider very smart and curious animals. They love to do something adventurous. Being a good and responsible owner, you should become part of their outdoor enjoyable adventures.

Why To Train A Cat To Walk On Leash?

You should be more careful, especially, when you are owner of some expensive cat breed. There are cats’ thieves everywhere who can steal cats and can sale them out somewhere.

You can ensure your cat’s safety by going out along her. Because, there is not only threat of cats’ thieves but also other street animals who can harm your cat if they found her all alone.

Furthermore, You should train your cat to walk on leash so in case of any emergency travelling, she won’t get nervous. As, you can’t deny the fact that emergencies can happen sometimes where travelling isn’t optional for you. So, it is better to make her familiar with outdoor stuff such as open area, vehicles’ noises, and people’s crowd etc.
Also, Teaching a cat to walk on leash is good to have a strict check on her outdoor activities.

You can’t lock your cat at home if she isn’t indoor cat by nature. So, better to fulfill her carve of going out safely else she can have secret visits which can be harmful such as getting hit by some car. Nobody wants something negative happen to our pet.

It is recommended that train your cat to walk on leash so she can go to morning walk along you to fulfill her carve to see outdoor world.

Helpful Tips To Start Your Training Course For Your Cat To Walk On Leash

To make your course easy and helpful for your kitty, there are following helpful points to be considered:

#1- Selection Of Leash And Harness

For fast learning, it is very important to select a best fit leash and harness for your kitty. Very tight or very loose won’t work, of course.

Furthermore, different colors, stuff, and made by different material leash and harness sets are available in the market. You can choose any color. Stuff must be comfortable for your kitty such as selecting a cozy and warm set wouldn’t be good for hot weather. High quality material would also be good else choose simple but fine plastic locks with simple stuff. In short, simpler the better.

Length of leash can be as long as 6 meters but again as per your preference. Shorter can be harder for kitty and longer can be hard to manage by you.

#2- Be Patient As Being Trainer

Being cat owner, you must require plenty of patience, specially for kitty’s training sessions. You can expect from a cat to walk on leash as soon as you offered her leash and harness just for the first time. The training procedure can take upto weeks or even months too. Depending on your cat’s age and learning capacity. Don’t scold her if she get failed to follow your advices. Have patience to stay calm and making your journey easy for both of you.

#3- Cats Love Bribery

Bribery works for cats too. Keep cat treats along you while teaching a cat to walk on leash. If she obeys as desired, offer treat bite to her. It will appreciate her and will work effectively. Don’t scold her anyway, even she doesn’t follow your instructions. Scolding a cat can encourage negative behavior, so avoid it.

Training Guide For A Cat To Walk On Leash:

It is good to read this training guide for a cat to walk on leash before starting your session as these steps will help you to make your journey easy. As there are many cats owners who given up after trying their hard. There can be various reasons behind such failures e.g:

  • Uncomfortable leash and harness, so cat couldn’t focus on learning
  • No patience during training, and trying to deliver everything very fast without caring of cats picking ability.
  • Scolding a cat for not learning as fast as you want her to.

Due to any of the above reasons, cat can also get tired and say no to learning a new thing. You have to be very careful.

Introducing a leash and harness:

After purchasing a good leash and harness set. Put it in front of your kitty. Let her get familiar with it. It depends kitty to kitty, she can take few minutes to few hours for taking smell of this new item/gift.

Once basic intro done. Adjust the leash according to cat size. Let be with it for next 2-4 days to feel comfortable. Eating, playing and sleeping while wearing it will help her to get familiar as fast as possible.

Usually, best time for all this is kitten age. As kittens are sharp minded and quick learners than older cat.

Indoor Training:

Attach long leash to be holded by you with the jacket worn by last few days. Hold it in your hand but don’t forbid her to go anywhere. All you need to leave a positive impression that it is for her safety and not for making her slave to follow the owner.

At this stage, you have to build her confidence anyhow.

Teach your cat to walk on leash by knowing all the possible walking commands.

The essential commands to teach your cat baby before bringing her on road are as follows:

  • Sit
  • Stand
  • Stop
  • Walk
  • Climb up
  • Jump

And, any other like above as per your walking style along your pet. It might take longer again but it is really important for your fur-baby’s safety.

Outdoor Training:

After building her confidence with the boundaries of home. You can test her skills in front of your outer door. This stage is important so in case if your cat feel threaten or any type of fear, she can run inside instantly. This phase considered the second stage of building her confidence.

All set go!

After testing confidence of your cat to walk on leash indoor and outdoor in front of your home only. You are all set to go for a morning walk along your kitty. Early morning time is better for new learners as no crowded roads. Once her training will be completed, she will be fine to walk through crowded places too.

Final Words:

Many cats owners don’t go for training a cat to walk on leash by thinking cats can’t be treated alike dogs, and they aren’t as smart as dogs are. It is wrong conception about cats. However, cats take longer and way more patience to be learned anything comparatively. Keeping your cat along you wherever you go will decrease feelings of loneliness and will make your trip more pleasurable. Also, trained cat to walk on leash is way better than a cat in travel carrier for cats. So buy a best cat leash and harness today to start coaching classes.

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