Rarest Cat and Dog Breeds

No matter what breed of cat or dog we bring into our families, the truth is they always end up bringing in more love, care, and loyalty than we could have ever expected. However, as cat and dog enthusiasts, we can’t help but be interested in all the different kinds of breeds around the world. So without further ado, here is a guide to some of the rarest breeds of dogs and cats throughout the world.


Dogs have a special place with humans – they’ve developed over the years to become man’s best friends. However, humans have had a hand in their development. This has led to the springing up of some amazing, unique and interesting dog breeds. Here are some of the rarer ones listed below.

[title text=”Czechoslovakian Wolfdog” link=”” link_text=””]

This breed of dog can be taken back to the ‘50s when dogs were being bred by the Czechoslovakian military. Since then, the Wolfdog (a cross between a wolf and dog) has been successfully domesticated and can get along with other animals. Although these dogs can socialize well with an entire family, their natural need to hunt needs to be controlled when they are puppies.

However, the dogs are very intelligent and can learn a variety of tricks and be trained. Interestingly, these dogs are not very comfortable with barking and tend to want to communicate with their owners through other means, such as by using their body language. This is why barking training can be difficult for them.

[title text=”Catahoula Leopard Dog” link=”” link_text=””]

Known because of the region it originated from, this breed of dog is known to be highly intelligent, energetic, and good for hunting. These dogs can be kept at home, but they need constant attention, and often tend to ‘take over’ the house.
One reason for a lot of variance within this breed of dog is that they have been bred not for physical characteristics, but for their temperament. One very interesting thing about these dogs is that when raised with human children, they tend to take them under their wing and give them care, protection and love like they would their own.

[title text=”Norwegian Lundehund” link=”” link_text=””]

The Norwegian Lundehund is a breed of dog that was originally bred to hunt and capture Puffins and their eggs. Appearance wise, it is very distinct from most breeds as it has increased joint movement, six toes, and the ability to touch its back from the tip of its nose.

The Norwegian Lundehund was almost entirely wiped out some years ago, after World War II, after a bout of canine distemper wiped out a large portion of the population. Often these dogs do not have health problems except for some gastrointestinal issues.

[title text=”Lagotto Romagnolo” link=”” link_text=””]

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed of dog that was bred in Italy – the dog is known for its great skills at retrieving, and as a result, was initially primarily kept for water gathering. Now, the Lagotto Romagnolo can be included in your family as a loving member, as long as some of their ‘hunting’ needs are met.

This breed of dog is highly intelligent, and are often considered to be ‘working breeds’. In the home, to be kept occupied, the dogs need to be kept busy. In addition to this, the dogs enjoy digging and undivided attention from their humans.

[title text=”Azawakh” link=”” link_text=””]

The Azawakh is a guardian dog that is also used in the game of hunting. The dog comes from a region of Mali and Niger. The Azawakh can be found in various colors, and its gait can be described as ‘feline’.

This breed of dog tends to form a very strong bond with its owner, which is vital as they are used essentially for protection. With this one person, they will show a lot of affection and love, but they may be reserved and not wanting to be touched around strangers, although they usually do not display any aggression towards other animals and humans.


If you are a cat caregiver or if you’re just someone who loves cats, you must be familiar with the popular cat breeds, but here is a small list of some of the rarer cats.

[title text=”The Devon Rex” link=”” link_text=””]

Known for their distinctive large eyes and ears, Devon Rex started out in England during the ‘50s. These cats are known to have active personality types, often being very social and more affectionate than other breeds of cats.

Although Devon Rexes take time to learn tricks, they are highly intelligent and can perform actions like walking on a leash or fetching objects. As part of their personality, these cats like observing their surroundings from a high point and so you will probably find your cat hiding out at the top of a cabinet.

[title text=”The Scottish Fold” link=”” link_text=””]

One kind of highly sought after breed of cat is the Scottish Fold. Initially, the cats were born with a mutation causing their ears to fold inwards. However, with successive breeding, the cats now have multiple folds on their ears. As a result, the Scottish Fold cat’s ears rest along its head, in addition, the cat may be long or short haired.

In terms of personality, these cats tend to be good natured, playful, and very affectionate towards their human caregivers. In addition, these cats have a tendency to become lonely and depressed, if not given the right care they need.

[title text=”The Korat” link=”” link_text=””]

Known for its distinctive blue-gray coat, green eyes, and low body fat, the Korat is a special breed of cat that is considered to have rare qualities. Initially, the Korat originates from a region in Thailand, and are often given to people as gifts indicating good luck.

Although these cats are friendly and playful, they almost maintain a system within a large group. Korats tend to have a highly precise memory, which can be indicated by the fact that they can find their way home even if they’ve just been there once or twice.

[title text=”The Sphynx” link=”” link_text=””]

Born as a result of selective breeding, the sphynx is a breed of cat with no fur at all. These cats have some hair close to the skin, but other than that is completely bald. In terms of temperament, these cats are highly active, social, and akin to dogs in their extremely extroverted behavior, which sets them apart from other cat breeds.

However, due to the lack of fur on their bodies, Sphynx require a lot of extra care, such as regular baths to remove the accumulated oils, reduced exposure to the sunlight, and providing warmth during winters and in cold temperatures.

[title text=”The Norwegian Forest Cats” link=”” link_text=””]

As its name suggests, this breed of cat originates from Scandinavia. Because the weather in the region is very cold, the cats have adapted to deal with the cold weather, which can be seen in the cat’s thick fur.

Larger than most cats, the Forest cats love to climb. These cats can be easily domesticated, with an affectionate nature and good interactions with humans. However, they require and demand a lot of attention, and are also very energetic.

Although these breeds are rare, they can be great and majestic to watch either in the setting of the home, in the hunting/protecting roles, or even as observations in the wild.


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