Most Searched Dog Breeds in Pakistan During 2014

2014 is over and everybody is discussing the events, numbers & statistic during 2014. Pakistan is appearing as an emerging countries in the internet world and people are searching for everything day by day. We thought that it would be a good to share with you that what people search about pets i.e dogs, cat & birds in Pakistan. You will see some more posts coming in next few days. Today we are sharing the popular breeds of dogs in Pakistan according to the Google search results. Here are the top most searched 10 dog breeds in 2014.

[title text=”1. German Shephard” style=”center”]

German Shephard - Most searched dog in pakistan

[title text=”2. Rottweiler” style=”center”]

Rottweiler Most Popular Dog in Pakistan

[title text=”3. Labrador Retriever” style=”center”]

Labrador Retriever - 3rd Popular Dog in Pakistan

[title text=”4. Yorkshire Terrier” style=”center”]

Yorkshire Terrier - Popular Dog in Pakistan

[title text=”5. Cocker Spaniel” style=”center”]

Cocker Spaniel - Popular Dogs in Pakistan

[title text=”6. Bichon Frisé” style=”center”]

Bichon Frisé - Popular Dogs in Pakistan

[title text=”7. Staffordshire Bull Terrier” style=”center”]

Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Popular Dogs in Pakistan

[title text=”8. Doberman Pinscher” style=”center”]

Doberman Pinscher - Popular Dog in Pakistan

[title text=”9. Miniature Schnauzer” style=”center”]

Miniature Schnauzer - Popular Dog in Pakistan



[title text=”10. Husky ” style=”center”]

Husky - Popular Dogs in Pakistan

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