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Farmina Matisse Kitten

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Rs. 446Rs. 6,999

Matisse Kitten contains only the very best ingredients needed for healthy and balanced growth: Chicken, Egg, Fish and Rice guarantee the right amount of calories and protein, as well as being easily digested.

Farmina Matisse Chicken n Rice

Rs. 420Rs. 6,500

Farmina Matisse Chicken & Rice is a complete dry cat food for most popular adult indoor/outdoor cat breeds in Pakistan. It is specially designed with best quality ingredients with balanced measurement to keep cats happy & healthy.

Farmina Matisse Salmon n Tuna

Rs. 420Rs. 6,500

Farmina Matisse Salmon & Tuna is a complete balanced diet for any adult cat. The presence of two most favorite ingredients of cats Tuna and Salmon make it mouth-watering for all cats.

Farmina ND Low Grain for Cats

Rs. 2,325 Rs. 1,914

Spelt, oats. Complete food for adult cats.

Farmina ND Grain Free Cat – Chicken n Pomegranate

Rs. 3,375 Rs. 2,779

Fresh boneless chicken (30%), dehydrated chicken meat (28%), potatoes, chicken fat, dehydrated whole eggs, fresh herring, dehydrated herring, fish oil, hydrolyzed animal proteins, fiber vegetable of peas & alot more

Farmina Team Breeder Basic Maintenance – 20 Kg

Rs. 12,660 Rs. 9,400

Complete, balanced food for adult dogs.

Dehydrated chicken meat (22%), corn, wheat meal, chicken fat, rice, dried beetroot pulp, sodium chloride.

Farmina Team Breeder Top Farmina – 20 Kg

Rs. 14,460 Rs. 12,532

Complete food for adult dogs.

[sociallocker id=3290]Dehydrated chicken meat (32%), corn, chicken fat, rice, vegetable oil, dried beetroot pulp, locust bean, sodium chloride, dried brewer’s yeast.[/sociallocker]

FUN DOG STANDARD – Farmina Pet Food

Rs. 4,500

Complete, balanced food formulated for all dogs.

Farmina Matisse Neutered

Rs. 1,815 Rs. 1,494

Farmina Matisse Neutered is available to buy online with free home delivery all over the Pakistan. It is specially designed for neutered cats to meet their special nutritious requirements.

Farmina Vet Life Gastro for Cats – 2 KG

Rs. 4,050 Rs. 3,510

Farmina Vet Life Gastro-Intestinal is a complete dietetic food for cats formulated to reduce acute intestinal absorption disorders. It favours recovery nutrition and convalescence thanks to the increased level of electrolytes and essential nutritional substances.

Farmina Vet Life Renal for Cats – 2 KG

Rs. 4,050 Rs. 3,510

Farmina Vet Life Renal is a complete dietetic food for cats formulated to support the renal function in case of chronic or temporary renal insufficiency.

Farmina ND Grain Free Adult – 12 KG

Rs. 13,470 Rs. 9,900

Chicken, pomegranate. Complete food for adult dogs.

Fresh boneless chicken (26%)

Dehydrated chicken meat (25%)

ENERGY VALUEEM Kcal/Kg 3774 – Mj/Kg 15,79