Adopting a Stray could be the Best Decision of your Life

Now a days you see a lot of animal rescue stories on Facebook where people save animals and later adopt them. But these stories are still not very common in Pakistan. Mostly people here are breed conscious, and they prefer paying extra for buying a high breed animal, without realizing that a stray might love them even more. Cats and dogs have coexisted among humans for centuries, and you can even tame them with little time and affection. Pets are not toys or a display props and shouldn’t be treated like one. If you are an animal lover you will agree that for those who truly love their pets, they are no less than a family member.

Until you have loved an animal, part of your soul remains unawakened.

I once read a quote by Anatole France; “Until you have loved an animal, part of your soul remains unawakened”. This one liner really touched my heart and I recalled the day I took in a stray cat and gave her a new life, family and love. Numerous researches and studies proved that people fighting depression, loneliness or any other trouble in life can find great comfort and relief in petting a stray animal. When you adopt a stray animal, you are basically saving a life, and saving a life is pretty much like saving yourself from worries taking over your nerves. There is movie by the name “BOB The Cat” it’s a true story of a drug addict who was saved by adopting a stray cat. Every animal has a different kind of love and association with its owner, but specifically talking about cats; they are very sensitive and warm at the same time. I speak about cats with experience as I have only raised them, but I am sure that every stray deserves a forever home and a family that can love him.

Public in Pakistan finds it hard to understand that an animal’s life is as precious as a human life.

I sometime feel very bad when I hear people speak like; who cares about animals when there are people getting killed every other day in Pakistan. Such sad incidents that involve loss of human life should not be used as an excuse to ignore how important an animal’s life is. If we as humans are highest of all beings, then we must not forget that these animals are dependent on us. You never know how much they need your mercy, attention and above all love. Because love is the only universal language that even animals can understand. When you buy a pet, you might find a play mate, and if you are lucky even peace and love. But when you accept and love a stray, you will see how intensively they love you back. They come from harsh and ruthless past, and your home, your presence and your love gives them that sense of security which they never had. It is not easy to tame them, but with love and patience you transform them into adorable house pets. They are in need of your love.

This craze of owing a breed dog or cat will only give more business to breeders who keep animals in filthy environments and push them to reproduce for money.

They can take pups and kittens away from mothers while they are still nursing. They do that because for them these animals are business products not living creatures. There are good people in the business as well, but why run after a breed when you can save a needier and deserving animal. By doing that you can inspire people in your social circle to adopt a stray animal as well. Unknowingly you can contribute in raising awareness against animal abuse and cruelty. When you treat your animal with respect and love, people around you can learn a lot about how to behave with an animal. At least you can be kind to them, if you can not keep them.

Ever since I adopted and raised my first ever stray cat, I changed into totally a different person. Now I even see street dogs and cats with kindness, and if it is beyond my capacity to help, I at least try to convince people around to take care and pray for them. You will find plenty of organizations working for animal welfare and you might want to contribute in their efforts, but doing something yourself to save and love them will give you more peace and inner satisfaction. Your will become more optimistic about life and a happy person inside. I hope someday in Pakistan, every family that can support a stray animal, will adopt one.

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