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7 Tail Positions To Judge Your Cat’s Mood

Being cat owner you must wish to know your cat’s moods and emotions at different times to get closer to her. Did you know that you can get an idea of kitty’s mood by noticing her tail? Cat’s tail is the best indicator of its emotions & mood. Understanding your cat’s emotional requirements are as important as his/her happiness.

Cat Tail Position Meaning

Here is a complete guide to observing cat’s behavior by noticing her tail.

1- Swaying Tail

If a cat is swaying tail from one side to other in slow motion shows she is trying to focus. Usually, this position of kitty’s tail can be noticed right before jumping on his/her prey.

2- Curved Tail

A curved tail creating a question mark is a sign of her playful mood. Next time, whenever you see a question mark, spare your time for having fun with your fur-baby as she might be seeking your attention for playing with you. You can also buy some cat toys for your cats for such moments. 

3- Whipping Back & Forth Tail

Staying away is recommended, if you see your kitty is whipping her tail back and forth like slapping the ground with her tail as it conveys the message of her aggression and fear.

4- Wrapping Around Another Tail

Cat Wrapping Around Another TailIt indicates love, companionship, and friendship. Just like we human put our arms around another person to show our affection. A kitty’s wrapped tail around another kitty’s tail shows the same behavior alike humans.

5- Low Tail

Usually, it considered signal of aggression which is a very serious behavior to deal with. But, some breeds like Persian cat can keep tail low without any particular reason.

6- A Straight Up High Tail

Being cat’s owner, that will be a great achievement. As a high tail is an indication of happiness, contentment, and confidence. It shows that she is willing to be friendly with you. When cats are happy, they can keep their tails straight up and high in the air to share their happiness.

7- Tails Indicating Fear & Restlessness

Cat Tail Position in Fear

There are basically two different tail positions showing your kitty is frightened or nervous. If she is keeping her tail beneath the body or like a pipe cleaner. She might need your quick help. Right after noticing her tail, look at her eyes to know what is bothering her.

So Now You Tell Us About Your Cat’s Mood 🙂 

What’s your cat’s tail position most of the times? Is she happy and playful cat? Or aggressive and frightened cat?

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