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Hartz Tiny Dog Jungle Plush

Rs. 454 Rs. 431

These tiny plush toys are perfect for your small dog or puppy. Soft, cuddly, and lightweight, each adorable animal comes with a squeaker and is sure to provide hours of fun.

Hartz Nature’s Collection Plush Small Dog Toy

Rs. 766 Rs. 727

Hartz Nature’s Collection Plush Dog Toy line brings nature right into your home.

Hartz Tiny Dog Heads ‘N Tails Dog Toy

Rs. 589 Rs. 560
  • Tiny plush rope toys that come in a variety of characters.
  • The heads are made of plush, and as you guessed it, the body and tail are made of rope.
  • They are lightweight and ideal for tiny games of tug of war.