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A-Sept Antiseptic Skin Cleanser


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T-Cat Shampoo


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T-Dog Shampoo


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T-Farms Cut Heal


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T-Farms Dermafit


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T-Farms Itch-Free


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T-farms Products is a Rapid Acting Antimicrobial Healing Solution. For All Types Of Wounds, Cuts, Scratches & Bites; Promotes Wound Drying & Healings; Relieves Pain and Inflammation.
Following are the Packing of T-Farm Brand are available in Pakistan
1.T-Farms Cut Heal
2.T-Farms Itch-Free
3.T-Farms Dermafit
4.T-Cat Shampoo
5.T-Dog Shampoo
6.A-Sept Antiseptic Skin Cleanser