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MERA Finest Fit Indoor

(1 customer review)

finest fit supports the individual needs of your cat. The specially developed recipe with fresh meat and other essential ingredients provides the best all-round care.

Mera Dog – JUNIOR 1


Tailored to the individual needs of your dog, this protective concept creates 360 degrees of total satisfaction.

MERA finest fit Hair n Skin – 1.5 KG

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Mera Finest Fit Kitten

(4 customer reviews)
  • MERA finest fit Kitten is a complete feed for growing cats. With fresh poultry and forest fruits, it helps with the healthy development of young cats.

MERA Country Taste Cat Food – Chicken

  • MERA Country Taste with tasty chicken is a taste of the countryside for discerning family cats. We combine 65% animal ingredients with vegetables, fruit and herbs to ensure that your pet has everything it needs to be healthy and happy.

Mera Dog – JUNIOR 2


Extremely tasty, wheat-free dog food for rearing healthy puppies.

Mera Dog – Agility


Extremely tasty, wheat-free dog food. For fully-grown, sporty dogs with an increased activity level.


Mera Dog – Energy

(1 customer review)

MERA DOG Pure Adult Fresh Meat Chicken n Potato


Extremely tasty, grain-free Meradog dog food for fully-grown dogs with special requirements, feeding difficulties, intolerances or allergies.