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Josera Active Nature Dog Food

12,155 9,400

A high-quality food with a finely tailored recipe consisting of the best natural ingredients, supplying our freedom-loving powerhouses with all the energy they need. With an extra portion of tasty poultry and select lamb.

Josera Marinesse Cat Food – 2 KG

2,574 2,100

JOSERA Marinesse with plenty of delicious salmon is optimal food for cats with a taste for fish.

Josera Festival Dog Food

12,441 9,300

A unique menu for our discerning connoisseurs: this food can be fed dry or wet. Gravy powder and added water transform these crunchy kibbles into a special taste sensation!

Josera Young Start Puppy Food

12,155 9,600

A natural growth formula for our little adventurers, the perfect companion into adulthood with particularly valuable ingredients. Grainfree and with wholesome poultry meat.

Josera Catelux Cat Food

2,574 2,100

JOSERA Catelux with delicious duck and potatoes contains extra dietary fibre. It is therefore the ideal feed for finicky cats who are prone to hair ball formation.

Josera Culinesse Cat Food

2,574 2,100

Culinesse with high-quality salmon is the proper treat for your choosy cat. The balanced ingredients make Culinesse tasty and especially easy to digest.

Josera Family Plus Dog Food – 15 KG

(2 customer reviews)
11,000 9,700

Tasty food for our mothers-to-be and puppies: The special formula not only covers a bitch‘s special requirement from the last trimester of pregnancy until the end of the nursing period.

Josera Kitten Food

2,574 2,100

Optimal nutrition is especially important while the cat is growing up and later in pregnancy and during lactation. Minette is a high-energy, easily digestible and particularly tasty feed for growing cats.