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Possible Reasons of Vomiting in Cats

Should it concern you if your cat is throwing up? A lot of cats throw up a lot and sometimes

Ways You Can Help Rescue Animals

We’ve all had that experience where we’ve watched a video of an animal being rescued and immediately felt like we

Understanding Toxoplasmosis

When it comes to the profiling of contagious diseases that can pass from cat to human, Toxoplasmosis is one that

Human Foods That Can Hurt Your Pet

Pets usually have a lot of endearing qualities. One of these things that can seem very adorable is their incessant

How Overfeeding Can Harm Your Pets

Who doesn’t love the sight of an adorable, oversized cat or dog? While it’s true that our furry friends on

A Guide to Pet Food Ingredients

Have you ever wondered what exactly is in the food you give to your furry friends? Well, most pet foods

Bird Feeding Tips

We all enjoy the gentle chirping of birds in the morning right after dawn – the sound is so relaxing,

A Guide to Pet Mice

Domesticated mice can be some of the most fun pets that you can keep at home. These are variations that

Common Dog Illnesses

When you bring a puppy home, you want to give him or her the best life possible. And just like

Where Should I Get My Pet?

So you’ve found yourself scrolling down your Facebook feed, looking at all of the pictures of cats and dogs, and