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Trixie Dog Treats in Pakistan

Trixie Soft Snack Happy Hearts Treat

Rs. 1,500 Rs. 1,350
  • 500 Gram Pack
  • With chicken, lamb and salmon
  • In resealable plastic bucket
Trixie Soft Snack Bony Mix Price in Pakistan

Trixie Soft Snack Bony Mix – 500g

Rs. 1,500 Rs. 1,350
  • with beef, lamb, salmon, and chicken
  • in the resealable plastic bucket

Endi Small Knotted Bones Chew for Dogs – Chicken Flavor

Rs. 350

Delicious in taste
Reduces periodontal treats
Made with natural ingredients


Wjibrand Jerry Cuts – Chicken Strip for Dogs

Rs. 350

Treat for dogs

2.47 oz Net Weight

Brit Dog Training Snack

Rs. 150 Rs. 145

SNACKS FOR DOGS – 200 Gram Pack

1 pc = 2,32 kcal.

OPTIMAL DAILY AMOUNT = 46,4 kcal = 5 – 20 pcs

PEDIGREE Tasty Bites Chewy Slices with Beef

Rs. 400 Rs. 299

Dogs love to be rewarded – PEDIGREE® Tasty Bites are a range of scrumptiously tasty and meaty treats. The little bites are perfect to treat your dog whenever you want* and with added vitamins, minerals and Omega 3, you can feel good about it too!
*Please be kind to their weight by following our feeding instructions.