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Royal Canin Cat Jellys – Instinctive Adult

320 208


Promotes healthy digestion and ideal weight for adult cats

100% complete and balanced easy-to-open pouch pairs well with Royal Canin dry cat food

Satisfies picky appetites with an instinctively preferred ratio of energy derived from proteins, fats, and carbohydrates

A precisely balanced blend of vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal cat health and wellness

Brit Premium Cat Pouches – Chicken and Turkey

173 143

Brit Premium Cat Pouches are designed to fulfill all the natural needs and specific preferences of cats. Brit Premium Cat Pouches are 100g each available in five different flavors. Make this balanced diet as an essential part of your cat’s morning to keep her happy, healthy and active.

Packing: 100g

WHISKAS 1+ Can Fish/Chicken Selection in Jelly

378 332

Each can contains 390g wet food for your cat while a healthy 4kg adult cat required at least 300g to 400g balanced diet daily depending on cat’s activity level. It contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors but made of real fresh meat. Furthermore, each tin contains perfect amount of zinc to ensure healthy skin and coat.

WHISKAS Cat Food Pouches Pack

556 299

Whiskas wet cat food pouches are considered 100% balanced food for your cat as no artificial preservatives or flavors included which makes each pouch as a complete nutritious diet.

Bonacibo Wet Food for Cats in Can – Beef Chunks in Jelly

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Omega 3 & 6 for shiny coat and skin health,
eyesight and is enriched with taurine for heart health.
Enriched with vitamins
No colorants, sweeteners or preservatives were used.

Royal Canin Cat Jellys – Kitten

320 208
  • 85 Gram Pouch
  • Complete diet for kittens


167 147

This is a complete and balanced pet food for adult cats (aged 1 to 7).
Meat and animal derivatives (of which beef min 4%), vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish derivatives, minerals, various sugars.

Sheba Classic in Terrine – Chicken

176 120

85 Gram

High quality adult cat food providing complete nutrition for your feline companion, with sliced pieces in a delicious gravy