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PawComfort SILKY COAT Shampoo for CATS

(1 customer review)
Rs. 500 Rs. 379

Scotch Brite Pet Hair Roller – Twin Pack – Lint Roller

(1 customer review)
Rs. 899 Rs. 780
  • Removes pet hair from clothing and other fabrics
  • Sticks to pet hair and lint but not to clothing, for a damage-free clean
  • Tears cleanly . . . Guaranteed
  • 56 sheets per roll – 2 Rolls
  • Ergonomic handle with a pet friendly design
  • Optimal adhesive for pet hair removal without fabric damage

Remu Dry Clean Powder – For Cats n Kittens

Rs. 600 Rs. 525
  • Breeza Dry Clean Powder by Remu
  • Best for Kittens & Cats



PawComfort ALOE VERA Shampoo for Cats

Rs. 500 Rs. 399

*  Soothes and treats skin conditions
*  Wound & insect bite healing
*  Burn treatment & cooling
*  Anti-bacterial
*  Anti-inflammatory

Perfumed Cat Shampoo Price in Pakistan

Remu Luxury Perfumed Cat Shampoo

(1 customer review)
Rs. 550 Rs. 481
  • Cleans & brightens coat
  • Neutralizes odors & helps keep your cat smelling fresh longer
  • Contains vitamins and omega fatty acids to ensure healthy skin and coat

PawComfort ANTI-BACTERIAL Shampoo for Cats

Rs. 500 Rs. 399
  • As a natural pet care product to fight fleas & ticks.
  • It can be used to obtain relief for various skin problems.
  • Use it for skunk odor removal

Dual Comb for Pets

Rs. 500 Rs. 316

Dermaleen Itch Wash Shampoo

Rs. 2,500 Rs. 2,099
  • 3 Solutions in 1 Shampoo
    1. Shampoo
    2. Conditioner
    3. Skin Treatment
  • Relieves Itching & Scratching Plus Treats The Skin
Trixie Soft Brush for Pets Price in Pakistan

Trixie Soft Brush

Rs. 1,500
  • Gentle care for top coat and base coat
  • Plastic
  • Extra soft wire bristles
  • Handle with non-slip rubber grip
Trixie Claw Clippers Dogs, Cats Price in Pakistan

Trixie Claw Clippers Dogs, Cats

Rs. 1,400 Rs. 931

For dogs, cats and small animals
Plastic body
Handle with non-slip rubber grip

Grooming Brush for Short Hair Price in Pakistan

Trixie Metal Groomer for Short Hair

Rs. 1,500
  • For intensive base coat care
  • 1.5 cm teeth length
  • Plastic handle with non-slip rubber grip

Bioline Deodorizing Spray for Dogs – 175 ML

Rs. 1,000 Rs. 665

Deodorizing Spray Eliminate unpleasant smells

This ideal and environment friendly product for dog toilets, bathrooms, living room etc. Thanks to its active agents the deodorizing spray eliminates all unpleasant smells.

Trixie Cat Shampoo for Long Hair Price in Pakistan

Trixie Cat Shampoo for Long Hair

Rs. 1,000
  • Eases combing
  • For long-haired cats
  • Anti-tangling effects

Protein Shampoo for Pets

Rs. 1,818 Rs. 1,550
  • regenerate outer; skin layers
  • moisturizes and strengthens the hair
  • sooths irritation
Trixie Soft Detangling Brush

Trixie Soft Detangling Brush

Rs. 1,000

for gentle detangling of fur, for top coat and base coat care, plastic, soft plastic bristles, Top Coat & Base Coat


Wahl Professional KM2 Pet Trimmer

Rs. 50,000

5 Extra Blades