Jawad Ahmad

Jawad Ahmad - Founder

Dr. Jawad Ahmad is a veterinarian by profession and graduated from UVAS in 2013. He is innovative, change-maker & entrepreneur. He loves pets & animals. His love for animals and lovely pets is one of the factors that provoked him to launch this website. 

Editorial Team

Dr. Aqsa Azam

Dr. Aqsa Azam – Author

A compassionate and dedicated Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and registered Veterinary Medicine Practitioner. Dr. Azam has more than 2.5 years of versatile experience with special skills in treating companion and farm animals. She has been serving L&DD Punjab as a Veterinary Officer for the last 1.5 years.  She also treated animals in USA and Malaysia by working in multiple environments such as small animal hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, and livestock field. Her main areas of interest are Animal Behavior, Feline Dermatology and Surgery. She aims to run free Spay/Neuter programs for stray animals in the country ensuring their longer and healthier life.

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Abubakr Irshad

Abubakr Irshad

Abubakr is a student of Veterinary Medicine. He has an inborn artistic mindset and he is good at digital designing; uses Photoshop and illustrator tools to make artworks and different illustrations.