Corona Virus And Pets – Everything You Need to Know About

Coronaviruses (CoV) are a family of RNA (ribonucleic acid) viruses. They are called coronaviruses because the virus particle exhibits a characteristic ‘corona’ (crown) of spike proteins around its lipid envelope. CoV infections are common in animals and humans. Some strains of CoV are zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted between animals and humans, but many strains are not zoonotic.

In the past few days pets have immediately turned out to be a part of the coronavirus discussion. People are assuming that pets could turn out to be a medium of the transmission of serious intense respiratory disorder coronavirus. However, no such evidence has been found yet in research.

After the detection of human cases, veterinary departments of China have carried out 2019- nCoV testing towards samples of pigs, poultry and dogs and other domestic animal animals collected since 2019 (mainly in late 2019). So far, results of such testing are all negative.

Can we pass coronavirus to our pets? 

Pets have a large number of similar sorts of receptors on their cells like humans have. So the infection could attach to these receptors. But will it enter their cells and make replicas? Most likely not.

Still it is very important that the people who are victims of coronavirus limit their contact with pets. Wash your hands, and don’t let them lick you on the face. Just in case  the virus is in your discharges, there’s a possibility of transmission, these are ways it could be transmitted to pets.

Can I kiss my pet?

Hong Kong authorities have strictly asked to not kiss your pets. 

And this has meaning for everyone. Coronavirus is mainly spreading because of human to human transmission but it is highly infectious and we all need to minimize the spread of germs. That means keeping a distance and keeping up good hygiene. Just like we have been told to do with other people. We should do with animals too. As there is still so much unknown how this virus spreads and operates.

Should I buy a mask for my pet?

People are really worried about their pets and they want their best to protect their pets. But officials have said that’s not feasible. A dog does not have sweat glands and uses its tongue to cool down. So it’s really not comfortable for dogs to wear masks.

What should I do if my pet is sick?

If you are worried that your pet is sick. The first thing to do is not panic. Keep up the good hygiene and maintain distance. Please consult a vet for advice as soon as you can.

Should I abandon my pet?

As deadly coronavirus continues people are abandoning their pets.There is absolutely no need to do that. As they are not carriers. All you need to do is to keep up good distance practices and maintain good hygiene. This is the only way to limit disease spread.

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