Here is a complete step by step guide to make your buying easy at

Step #1 - Search Your Desired Product : give a good option to search your products easily. Click the search icon at the upper left corner of the website (just right to the logo) & type the word, you want to search, in the search box. The system will also help you buy suggesting the related searches. After entering your word, press enter and you will find your desired product, most probably, because we have a huge list of products added to our store.

This is the Search Box
This is the Search Box – Click to enlarge the image.


See ! We searched "Cat" to show you an example.
See ! We searched “Cat” to show you an example. (Click to enlarge)

Step #2 - Select Your Product:

If you have found your product, click on the product image and it will lead you to product page.

This is how the product page will appear.
This is how the product page will appear.

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On the products page, click the button “ADD TO CART”. It will add this product to your shopping cart. A green colored message will also appear the top that “Your Product was successfully added to your cart.”

You products is added to cart now.
You products is added to cart now.

Now you have successfully added this products to your cart. If you want to add more more products, you can repeat the same steps and more products will be added to your shopping cart.

Step #4 - View Cart :

After adding all of your products, take your pointer of the mouse at the “Cart Icon” on upper right corner of the page and click the cart icon. It will take you to the cart & your selected products will be already there.

Step#5 - Proceed to Checkout:

After looking at the cart and making sure thet your peoducts are there, click “Proceed To Checkout”.

Step #6 - Add You Details:

At the checkout page you will be asked to add your details. Make sure that you are entering the right information. Delivery of your products is dependent on your correct address so add exact address.

All Steps to Buy on
All Steps to Buy on


Final Step #7 - Select Your Payment Method :

After entering the name, email, phone number & address, select your payment method.

If you live in Lahore, Pakistan, we will advise you to select CASH ON DELIVERY or URGENT DELIVERY option.

And you live in any other city of Pakistan, you are supposed to select other payment method i.e. EASY-PAISA / Bank Transfer.

After selecting payment method place your order and we will contact you withing 24 hours of order placement.