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Nutragold Dry Cat Food

(3 customer reviews)
Rs. 1,083Rs. 3,046

Nutragold is a highly nutritious, diet for adult cats. It contains added cellulose to help prevent and control hairball formation as well as multiple protein sources for  an optimal nutrition. It additionally has balanced omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat. Taurine present in this food is for healthy heart and vision.

Remu Smart Catty Litter – 7.5 KG

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Rs. 575 Rs. 338

Smart Catty Clay Clumping Litter is a natural cat litter made from 100% natural minerals. It provides excellent odor control. Its hard clumping abilities make it exceptional.  Simply scoop the lump and throw it off. The rest of litter remains clean, odorless and ready to re use making it a very economical and environmentally friendly choice.

Whiskas Pouches

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Rs. 333Rs. 949

Whiskas wet cat food pouches are considered 100% balanced food for your cat as no artificial preservatives or flavors included which makes each pouch as a complete nutritious diet.

Dog Harness n Leash – Large

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Rs. 1,200 Rs. 902
  • Best for adult  and large dogs.
  • Leash Size – 54 Inches
  • Handle of Leash with Soft Grip

Whiskas Dry Food – 340 Gram Box

(1 customer review)
Rs. 400 Rs. 284

Nutritionally complete and balanced for adult cats

Food Bowl – Bone Shaped

(1 customer review)
Rs. 300 Rs. 99
  • High Quality Plastic Material
  • Dual Food Container

Trixie Hilla Cuddly Cave / Cat House

(1 customer review)
Rs. 4,500
  • Suede look
  • Polyester cover
  • Foam padding
  • Removable reversible cushion with polyester fleece filling, backstitched
  • Easy-care bottom
  • Measurements: 35 × 30 × 40 cm
  • Colour: sand/dark brown

Cat Toy – Teasing Hanging Fish

(3 customer reviews)
Rs. 299 Rs. 284
  • Strong flexible stick
  • Fish attached to stick